Technical Courses For Small Business

Learn at your own pace or be coached by a qualified trainer and assessor. Our approach and learning methods are used by some of the most successful businesses in the country.

It’s Your Journey

That Tech Guy understands not everyone learns the same way.

Every business owner or entrepreneur is at a different stage in their business, and we understand that. If you’re just getting started, you don’t want to be learning how to scale a million dollar ad campaign. Our tailored courses fit into exactly where you are at, on your journey. It’s simple really.

WordPress Websites

Every business needs a website and strong online presence. learn how to build a high converting website

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag manager Connects everything up and is key to how profitable your business will be. 

E-commerce Ready

Ecommerce adds another dimension to your website, whether you have 3 products or 2000 a solid platform is key.

Email Marketing

Staying in touch with customers or generating new leads, email marketing is still one of the highest performing platforms

Google Analytics

Find who your visitors are and where they come from is the most important part of doing business online

Google Ads

Running Ads and making sure they are optimised will transform your business ROI and lower ad spend

Facebook Pixels

Tracking is the most important part of every website. But one of the most misunderstood and super easy to setup 

Shopping Feeds

Every business that is selling online needs a shopping feed, if your aren’t being seen you’re missing out on revenue

Easy As 1…2…3…

The technical side of business doesn’t have to be hard. Running a business should be exciting and something that inspires you. With the correct technical setup and implementation everything should and does just fall into place. 

Basic Courses

Whether you’re just starting out or have an online presence but aren’t sure how to grow your business. We have courses that match where you are at in business

Advanced Courses

If you’re an experienced business owner that’s ready to take the next step and prepared to scale. Our courses or one to one coaching is perfect.

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