Watch As Artificial Intelligence Builds A Website As The Developer Draws The Wireframe

Artificial Intelligence builds a website as the developer draws the wireframe
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Is becoming so sophisticated it’s now being used to create front-end designs from wireframe to HTML code.
The TeleportHQ is a platform of open-source tools for UI professionals. This video has been released to demonstrate real-time code generation using TensorFlow machine learning and computer vision image recognition.


#ThinkToCode has sparked excitement and conversation among designers and developers Where is the future of AI and web development heading? TeleportHQ’s video has now gone viral on throughout social media and is currently trending among the design community.

What is the teleportHQ?

teleportHQ is a platform and a suite of open-source tools built for user interface professionals. It simplifies the process of creating, maintaining and publishing user interfaces for desktop and mobile devices.

it is real-time collaboration and the capabilities allow instant updates and shorten the feedback loop between stakeholders, designers, coders, and content providers.

teleportHQ uses AI to analyse the user’s intentions and augments the final result with real-time optimisations.

Paul from That Tech Guy
” I have already introduced sophisticated automation and systems that have helped us deliver full stack websites to the business ata very low price point” Paul went on to say “As this technology becomes more main stream i can see us adopting a similar approach with our own clients.”

This is a great example to demonstrate how removing the mundane, repetitive and time consuming processes you can get costs down to a very low point, while still delivering a quality, high converting website.

To learn more about what’s possible with automation and website development visit

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