WordPress Services For
Small Business

Our range of services is vast and extensive. From basic pixel setups to complex e-commerce product feeds. If it’s WordPress, it has to be That Tech Guy¬†

Small Bussiness WordPress Websites

A small business website doesn’t need to be complicated, layout usability and conversion focus are essential to online success. We often see sites that may look great but have a poor user experience or not converting clients.

Small Business Ecommerce WordPress Websites

An e-commerce site can transform your online presence and be the beginning of a steady passive income stream that is frequently overlooked. If you sell courses personalised gifts or run events, our e-commerce packages set you up for success

Google Merchant Centre Product Feeds

Once you have an online shop it needs exposure; Google shopping and products feed to give your business great exposure online. Being seen online and creating brand awareness is the start of any successful online strategy.

WordPress Data Layer Conversion Tracking

A data layer is what sends information from your website to different advertising channels and other analytics software like Google Analytics. If this information isn’t parsed correctly or not at all, marketing costs are higher and return on ad spend cannot be measured properly.

Google Analytics Configuration

Google analytics is key to creating a user persona and how you can decide where to spend marketing budget on and how much. It’s common for websites to have Google Analytics installed but not configured correctly or the business owner unable to understand the data.

Small Business Courses

We understand that some business owners like to take a hands-on approach and we get it, that’s why we created an extensive range of courses for all the services we offer, we’re happy to do it for you or teach you how to do it yourself.