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Today, That Tech Guy is pleased to announce a new real-time design collaboration tool giving their customers the ability to interact directly with designers during the build process of a new website.



One of the constant frustrations between clients and web agencies is how everyone communicates through the design and build process. Even in the most basic website, there are hundreds of sections and elements that may need to be discussed, the challenge, how to communicate these changes between two parties accurately and efficiently.

Communicating back and forth with a customer during the design phase is a significant factor in how agencies cost up website builds. Agencies tend to allocate large amounts of time to this part of the job. Allocating enough time in the scope to cover staff resources is often an unknown and where a lot of project time gets used up.

This time equates to high costs and a large portion of every website build.

That Tech Guy set out to solve the problem after analysing how the process is managed, where the gaps were, and how we could change so the process is streamlined. When a client goes through our onboarding stage we have systems in place to efficiently collect and manage all the information we need to begin the new website build, but during the design phase and also at the final stage of the build a lot of time was being lost in communicating where and what needs to be changed.

Paul Smith, the CEO of That Tech Guy explains. If we can incorporate a new method to dramatically reduce the time spent on this part of the process it will substantially reduce build costs. If we can get through the work faster and more efficiently with the customer happy we understand the changes, less time means less cost , which That Tech Guy is passing onto there customers.

We are continually looking at new ways to push the boundaries of web design, how close we can get towards streamlining systems and processes. Its technology like this that keeps the customer as the number one priority during the build while minimising errors or discrepancies dealing with client requests.

If you can find the gaps and close them, this can be passed onto customers as considerable cost savings.

Paul went on to say: Our new real-time design collaboration tool is state of the art and a new way for clients to share what they like, what they dislike and what they would like to see changed or adjusted. With real-time feedback and notifications, both designers and the clients time are brought down to a minimum. It then becomes a direct cost saving.
We have been beta testing the new design tool with existing clients over the last few months, the feedback and reliability to date have been so positive, we are rolling out the new feature for all our current customers one month ahead of the planned January 2019 release date.

Features of the tool include:

    • Clients can click directly on an area or element they want a change made and comment directly.
    • Clients can add screenshots into the comments for better clarity if the change needed is complicated or difficult for them to explain.
    • A small dashboard, on the site’s front end, organises all the changes with a single click to go directly to that comment or revision.
    • A full change-log overview as well as a page my page filter

The tool provides email notifications as comments and changes are added, as well as security and access restrictions viewing the comments. A site can be set up for all visitors to browse the comments, which is great when the site is at the preview stage, this lets the clients share and get other opinions on the layout, look and feel.

It can also be accessible by login only, which means the tool can be implemented on a live site in areas where new work is being done and it needs hiding from the general public.

That Tech Guy is providing a demonstration of the tool at https://design.thattechguy.com.au Potential customers can experience how the tool works on a live website.

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