IOS Calendar Spam

Are you getting spam invitations on your iOS calendar recently? They’re coming from Chinese accounts, and their subjects are for super-discounted Ray-Bans and Ugg Boots or similar. Many users are reporting an influx of this problem. Is there any solution to this?
Yes! Fighting iOS calendar spam and the privacy issues in the apple iCloud calendar is a simple setting change. With a sharp rise in spammers sending event requests to users. Users are pressing decline and confirming back to the spammer that they have a valid calendar and email address.

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This quick video will show you how to minimize the risk of notifying the spammer they have an accurate calendar and email address. Thus keeping your calendar and email address out of the hands of the spammer, something we all want to protect ourselves from.

Method 1

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Method 2

Another way is to do the following to move the event request to another calendar

  1. Create a new iCloud calendar (not “On My Mac”).
  2. Move the spam event to the new iCloud calendar.
  3. Delete the new iCloud calendar.
  4. The calendar will now prompt you with “Delete and Don’t Notify” and “Delete and Notify”.
  5. Select “Delete and Don’t Notify”.

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