Customising your page

Yes, Your website is hosted on our own servers in an Australian data centre in Sydney.

Yes the website is yours within our network. No one other than our security team and technical support team have access to it.

No! We specialise in websites and we leave email to the experts like Google and Microsoft. Most businesses are using these services already so it makes sense to keep it simple and focus on websites

Yes! We have a multi tiered approach from your website all the way to the server. We don’t rely on plugins, we have a dedicated security team monitoring your website and our entire platform 24/7

We only use WordPress on our entire network. Depending on the package you choose your website may be within a multisite enviroment or standalone installation.

Yes, we update and maintain all plugins on a monthly cycle. If any plugins become insecure or our scanners detect a security issue we perform an update immediately.

Yes, we automatically backup your website every day, In the event of an error we can always restore your site to the last stable backup point.

Yes! Depending on the plan you have chosen you can add pages, create blog posts and give the site your personal touch to match your brand. Changes to colours, fonts, images and all content is possible. 

That Depends on the plan you have chosen during signup. We offer pay as you go services as well as limited monthly time allocations. You can choose the option the works best for you. 

No! At signup you choose how long you wish to subscribe for.

We understand that sometimes things go wrong with payments, which is why we give you 30 days grace after a payment fails. After 30 days overdue we suspend the website and at 60 days we remove it from out platform.

When you cancel the service you can request the latest backup we have.  This will let you restore the site into the same enviroment we were running your website on.  

No! Our base plan websites run in a multisite enviroment. We have most plugins already installed on the network. You can create a support ticket and if we have the plugin already installed, we can enable it for you. If you have a lot of plugins that you like to use, then your site can be upgraded to one of our standalone website packages.

Yes! We can give you the settings so you can point your domain name to our servers. 

Yes! We have a plugin already installed that manages the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. Google Ads and Pinterest tracking are also available. We send the data to the platforms and you will need to configure the 3rd party platform.

All plans include access to That Tech Guy’s Service desk. 

No! When you sign up you select the template you want us to build for you. We can customise it slightly but that is a chargeable service. 

When you sign up your site is built instantly and if payment is successful, you have access to begin adding your contact details straight away.

We use professional versions of all our plugins and they are manually activated within 24hrs during weekdays.

This won’t stop you getting a fully working website that’s live within a 5 minutes from sign up.

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