Yoast SEO – Authenticated Race Condition

On the 20th November 2108, That Tech Guy was advised that the Yoast plugin, version 9.1 had an Authenticated Race Condition which could lead to command execution, by site users with Manager roles. With today’s coding moving at such a fast pace, It’s becoming a very time-consuming task for business owners staying up to date with

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Winning in small business
Small Business Tips

Winning in business

Winning in business is not always something that a lot of CEO’s pay attention to. While they talk like they do, the follow thorough is often very different. Lets think about this. The marksman has already visualised the arrow hitting the bullseye before they let go of the arrow. Firing the arrow is just the

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Small business negative reviews

The best way to respond to negative reviews

Negative reviews Negative reviews are an inevitable part of your company, and studies have suggested they may have a significant effect on your ranking in search. In fact, 84% of customers trust an internet review as much as they would a personal referral. But not all reviews are favorable. At some stage throughout the history

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Google ranking

Using Intrusive Interstitials – Google is coming after you

Using Intrusive Interstitials? Google is coming after you with the mobile penalty and it’s rolling out Now! The 10th of January saw the roll out begin, which was confirmed on Twitter by Google’s Gary Illyes and John Mueller. They both stated it is indeed starting to roll out.

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The top 10 Facebook videos of 2016

The top 10 Facebook videos of 2016 Ever wondered what the top 10 videos of 2016 were on Facebook? Well, we compiled a list, and if you’re a marketer, it’s worth taking a look at what worked in 2016. 

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